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Owner's Manuals

Firearm Model Owner's Manual
Pardner®/Pardner® Youth
Pardner® with Screw-in Choke
Pardner® Turkey/Pardner® Waterfowl
Pardner® Shotgun
Tracker II Tracker II
Handi-Rifle/Handi-Rifle Youth
Synthetic/Stainless/Superlight Handi-Rifle
Handi Rifle
Pardner® Pump Walnut
Pardner® Pump-Synthetic
Pardner® Pump Youth
Pardner® Pump Turkey
Pardner® Pump Slug Gun
Pardner® Pump Combo
Pardner® Pump Protector
Pardner® Pump
Buffalo Classic Rifle
Buffalo Classic
Excell Auto Synthetic
Excell Auto Walnut
Excell Auto Waterfowl
Excell Auto Turkey
Excell Auto Combo
Excell Auto
Sportster™ Compact
Sportster™17 Hornady
Survivor®.410/45 Colt Survivor .410 .45
Survivor Rifle Survivor Rifle
Topper® Deluxe
Topper® Deluxe Classic
Topper® Junior
Topper® Junior Classic
Topper Trap Gun
Topper Shotguns
Ultra Slug Hunter
Ultra Light Slug Hunter
Ultra Sug Hunter Deluxe
Ultra Slug Hunter Compact
Ultra Slug Hunter
Ultra Hunter Rifle
Ultra Varmint Rifle
Ultra Varmint Fluted
Ultra Varmint and Hunter Rifle

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