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Product Registration for H&R Firearms

First Name: MI:   Last Name:
  Address: (Number and Street)
Apt #:
  City:     State/Province:     Zip:  

    Model #:
(last 5 digits of UPC bar code located on product carton)

2       Phone Number:
( ) -  -
    Email Address:

Yes! I would like to receive offers or communication from H&R via e-mail.

  Yes! I want to receive offers or communication that may interest me from other companiesvia e-mail. I understand this e-mail address may be shared with and/or combined with information from other sources.
4       Date of Purchase: 

(example: January/1/2018)
5   Serial number: 

6   Store name: 
7   Purchase Price: $ .00
8 Where do you hunt?
Public Private
Lease Own
Hunting Club Don't Hunt
9 How many days per year do you spend hunting & shooting:

10 What are the outdoor interests in your household?
Hunting Shooting
Waterfowl Trap/Skeet
Upland birds Sporting Clays
Turkey Target
Big game Plinking
Small game Silhouettes
11 This H&R® just purchased will be used for:
(Check all that apply) 
Waterfowl Trap
Big game Skeet
Small game Sporting clays
Varmints Targets/Plinking
Upland birds Gun collection
Turkey Home defense
12 How many other H&R® Firearms do you own?

13 Which do you use the Internet for?
(Check all that apply)
  Finding info about products
  Locating parts, service or company contacts
  Purchasing products
  Have not used
14 Your gender:

15 Your marital status:

16 Date of Your birth:

/ /
month / day / year
(example: January/18/1969)

17 Including yourself, what is the total number of people living in your household? (Examples: 01,02,03...)

Children (18 and younger): Adults:

18 Date of birth (month/year) of children in your household 18 year of age and younger:
  Gender Birth Date
  Month Year
Child #1  
Child #2    
19 For your primary residence, do you:

20 Education:

21 Which best describes your family income?

Why did you purchase a H&R® firearm?

Previous Experience
Friends Recommend

Do you own a dog?


What type of vehicle do you drive most often?

Full Size Car
Mid Size Car
Compact Car
Van/Mini Van

Thanks for filling out this questionnaire. Your answers are important to us.